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Scholarships In Rhode Island

This smallest state of USA has no dearth when it comes to the number of educational institutions. The Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority along with other universities and private bodies award a number of scholarships to aspiring students.

Scholarships in Rhode Island

Whether you are a resident of Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket or anywhere else in the state of Rhode Island, the information below should be relevant for what you need.

The Centennial Scholarship: This scholarship is given by the University of Rhode Island to outstanding freshmen. Students applying for this scholarship must have a curriculum that is challenging, GPA 3.4/ 4.0, ACT of 26 or combined SAT of 1200 (math and critical reading) and must be leading or deeply involved in school activities. The scholarships are awarded for four years provided 3.0 GPA and 12 credits each semester are maintained.

Academic Promise Program: Grant of $2,500 per year for up to four years can be received by an eligible student who has enrolled for an undergraduate program for a degree or certificate at an accredited institution. The applicant studying as a full-time senior at a state high school has to satisfy all the criteria to avail of the grant; resident of Rhode Island (as of January 31, 2010), taken SAT or ACT test, complying with all federal Title IV requirements, EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) not above $5,550. The applicant must complete the Free Aid for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on basis of which the financial need is calculated. The student has to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50, 2.62 and 2.75 during the first, second and third year respectively to remain eligible for the grant.

More Rhode Island Scholarships

  • J. D. Edsal Advertising Scholarship: This is private scholarship that is meant for students who are already in college and studying advertising. The student must be a Rhode Island resident and enrolled at an undergraduate university sophomore or up, in some advertising program. Furthermore the student’s record in advertising classes, recommendations from the relevant professors and a general drive towards all advertising and related activities are considered before awarding the grant. Successful students can get $1,000 per year till they complete their degree.
  • The Rhode Island Foundation Scholarships: The Rhode Island Foundation has almost 150 scholarships under its umbrella. It assists students across different levels of studies including college, graduation, high and middle school as well as scholarship and fellowship opportunities. The scholarships cover a wide array of fields of study from the professional to the artistic. A comprehensive list of all the scholarships with details is provided on the foundation website which also has a questionnaire that can be helpful to narrow down on scholarships suitable for you.

Rhode Island Grants for Colleges & Universities

Rhode Island State Grant Program: The program assists students who do not have enough resources to pursue a higher education. The applicant must be a Rhode Island resident enrolled in a program to secure a certificate or degree and must attend school for half-time at least. Awards range between $250 and $900. The applicant should not have defaulted on a federal Title IV loan or still owing a refund on a Title IV grant.

More Financial Aid For College In Rhode Island

Student loans are also a great way to get financial aid for college if you are not able to get awarded a scholarship or grant. Although the money you receive will need to be repaid, you will also need to repay it with interest. The good news is that this interest rate is usually very low and thus an affordable and viable option for many students.

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