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Scholarships In Ohio

Ohio State combines industrialization and agriculture in the right proportions to make it one of the more prosperous states in the US. The education system, similarly, is well developed and offers a number of programs an scholarships, particularly in the creative arts and media studies for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Whether you are in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, or anywhere else in Ohio, the information outlined below should be of use to you.

Scholarships in Ohio

Ohio Academic Scholarship: This is the most widely given scholarship covering most subjects studied by recipient candidates. It is given only to students applying to Ohio colleges and is based on academic brilliance. A FASFA form needs to be filled in to work out financial requirements and a maximum of $2,000 is offered.

Regents Graduate/Professional Fellowship Program: This is a scholarship given to graduate students and an undergraduate degree is a must. A top grade point average too, is required. It awards more than $3,000 as fellowships. Availability, however, may not be there on and yearly basis.

More Ohio Scholarships

  • David S. Stashower Scholarship: The David S. Stashower scholarship is given by a private body and is available residents of Ohio only. The grant is given predominantly to students pursuing media studies. Apart from acceptable standard grades, a minimum of two recommendation letters, writing samples, an essay or art portfolio needs to be submitted for eligibility. The selected candidate receives $2,000 for pursuing higher studies in the faculty of his/her choice.
  • Ohio Minority Newspaper Scholarship: For those who want to get into journalism straightaway, there is the Ohio Minority Newspaper Scholarship. The grant is mainly for journalism majors from non-white families and being an Ohio resident is mandatory. Eligibility norms are similar to those of the Stashower scholarship and the candidate must submit writing clips and an essay. Recommendation letters are also required for the $1,500 award. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is mandatory.
  • The American Legion Scholarship-Ohio: This grant is for members of the American Legion and gives out $2,000 — $3,000 for undergraduates for studies pursued at any Ohio college. Then there is the Big 33 Scholarship Foundation that gives out $500 — $4,500 to around 200 undergraduates on a yearly basis.
  • Robert C. Byrd Honors program: Ohio is a participant state in this scholarship program. This scholarship given nationally is meant for any student graduating in the top five per cent of his batch in high school. A grade point average of 3.5 is a norm for qualifying and on selection entitles the candidate to get $1,500 per annum to study in the college of his / her choice.
  • Ohio Regents Graduate Fellowship: Selected students who have enrolled in this program stand to get $3500 for pursuing a graduate degree in the state university where they are already enrolled.
  • Ohio War Orphans Scholarship: Full scholarship is granted for studying in a state college while partial funding is given to those enrolled in private colleges.

Ohio Grants For College

If you are not eligible for any of the scholarships outlined above, it may be worth applying for a grant. Grants are very popular are hard to get since the money you receive does not need to be repaid. Below are a couple of grants which may be helpful:

  • Ohio Student Choice Grant Program – Up to $900 awarded each year to varied number of undergraduate students attending Ohio college
  • Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) – State-funded grant program available to residents of the state of Ohio only. The OCOG is awarded based on total family income and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA, so you will need to apply for the FAFSA in order to apply.

Other Financial Aid For College In Ohio

If you are not able to receive either a grant or scholarship for college, then perhaps another option is to apply for a student loan. Millions of Americans apply for student loans to further their education and thus career. Whilst the money will need to be repaid, student loans have a very low interest rate which make it a viable option for many students.

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