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College Housing Advice: the DO’s and DON’Ts

A lot of students may find it overwhelming when tasked to look for college housing. I know, I was one of those students. Will you believe me if I tell you I transferred nine times from one place to another during my four years in college? That was too much to handle but I somehow [...]

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College Housing Decisions: Living On-Campus, Off-Campus or At Home During College

Before starting your first day of college, you have to consider your housing options. Do you want to live on-campus (dormitories, residence halls), off-campus (apartments, condominiums), or stay at home? There are a lot of factors that you have to consider before deciding on your choice. Every family must decide on college housing matters. Most [...]

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7 Tips to Fight Final Exam Stress

Aside from identity crisis, stress is one major problem that students have to deal with in order to survive college. Stress cannot be avoided especially on finals week and exam periods. As much as it is normal and unavoidable, do not let stress ruin your college experience. There are actually a lot of things that [...]

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Common Myths on Financial Aid – The real truth uncovered

Because of the worsening economic condition, people are becoming more and more dependent on financial aid and assistance both coming from the government and private sectors. Given these circumstances, many people and organizations are trying to scam people using financial aids as bait. That is why it is important to know the facts and separate [...]

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6 steps to getting a good GPA in college

Admission exams are taken for a reason. They help in determining whether the career path you plan to take is good for you or not. They can also show where you’re good at. So if you pass an admission exam for the degree you have applied for, you can definitely pass or even ace your [...]

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How To Prepare For Admission Into College

For many students, graduation from high school means an end that could lead them to a new beginning. For some, life begins when they enter college. However, despite excitements of finally exploring a new environment, entering college could give you a lot of stress if you do not know how to handle it. The secret [...]

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Grant Writing Tips

Grants are an important and crucial way for may people to get the funding they require for a project. Whether it is a grant for your own education, or a grant for a project, the same principles apply when writing a grant. Grant Writing Tips Below are some grant writing tips: Read the current guidelines [...]

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More Scholarships in Georgia

A good selection of scholarships in Georgia is always available and accessible to all college students. The basic aim behind all these scholarships is to encourage students getting higher education without fearing from considerable costs of different educational institutions. Students may avail these scholarships using different sources including community organizations, professional organizations, state government and [...]

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More Alabama Scholarships

Sometimes all that is holding students back from getting an education is simply having to pay for it. The state of Alabama is no different. In addition to the scholarships in Alabama at the link, more are listed below: More Alabama Scholarships Alabama Scholarships by Vocation: The CASE Scholarship – It is a scholarship for [...]

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More Scholarships in Illinois

Finding scholarships in Illinois is essential to individuals who have a dream to pursue college education in Illinois. There are general and specialized programs for scholarships in Illinois. An example of the general scholarship is the Merit Recognition Scholarship that is awarded only once. It is especially for the academically talented students valuing $1000. The [...]

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